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SunBrite Carpet Cleaners

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Spot Cleaning

- Using either an Industrial Dilution mix of Paste (2 Tablespoons per 22 Ounces Hot water) or use our Carpet Spotting Gel. -

Spray directly onto soiled area. Allow SunBrite to sit for a few minutes, then gently scrub using either a clean cloth or a light scrub brush. Repeat as necessary. 

If stain is difficult, or has set in, try using SunBrite in it's concentrate form. Apply paste directly to the stain and allow it to stand for a few minutes. Then gently scrub using either a clean cloth or a light scrub brush. Repeat as necessary. 

SunBrite effectively and safely attacks the following stains: Ink, Liquor, Candle Wax, Paint, Tar, Vomit, Hair Dye, Gum, Coffee, Oil, Grape Juice, Soda, Grease, Water Stains, Wine, Rust, Milk, Blood, Glue, & Chocolate. 

The success of stain removal depends upon length of time stain is present and other chemicals which have been applied. 

When removing gum, tar, or wax - poke some holes, apply paste and a little bit of hot water and allow to stand a few minutes before removing. 

SunBrite is a water based cleaner, not a detergent; therefore, SunBrite helps rid reappearing traffic patterns and stains. 



Shampoo with Machine

Mix 2 - 3 Tablespoons of Paste per 32 Ounces of Hot water. 1 Pint container dilutes into 4 - 6 gallons of solution. 

Add solution to holding tank of any commercial shampooer. 

Vacuum carpet thoroughly. 

Allow to dry totally. For best results, use machine with water extractor. 


Shampoo without Machine

Vacuum carpet to remove large debris.

Pretreat heavy stains with SunBrite Concentrate Paste or SunBrite Carpet Spotting Gel.

Dissolve SunBrite Paste into Hot water (2 - 3 Tablespoons of Paste per 32 Ounces of Hot water)

Apply with soft brush or sponge mop to lossen oil.

Wipe with clean dry towel or use wet vacuum. 

Vacuum again one hour later or when only damp to fluff carpet or upholstery - this process to be used for upholstery and other washable fabrics. 







Carpet Cleaner Kit


An introductory kit to help you get a feel for our stain remover products. Includes: 2 Bottles of Carpet Cleaner, 1 Pint Container of All Purpose Cleaner, & 1 Spray Bottle (Not Pictured). Helps get your stains out the safe way.

$ 11.95   Kit



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