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Frequently Asked Questions for SunBrite

Q: What is SunBrite?

A: SunBrite is a cleaning solution that is comprised of readily biodegradable ingredients and enzymes that help to lift and clean stains. SunBrite is manufactured in both paste and liquid forms.

Q: Is SunBrite toxic?

A: No, SunBrite is completely Non Toxic.

Q: How long has SunBrite been around?

A: SunBrite has been manufactured since 1978. The company was purchased in 2001 by VP Specialty Products Inc.

Q: What can SunBrite be used on?

A: SunBrite can be used to clean virtually any water-safe surface. SunBrite is water based, so it contains no abrasives, or caustic chemicals.

Q: Are your products scented?

A: Yes. Currently SunBrite contains a light lemon scent. However demand for a cleaner without scent has risen, and we are looking into adding scent free products to our line.

Q: Can your products be diluted?

A: Yes. SunBrite All Purpose Cleaner, and SunBrite Industrial Strength Cleaner can both be diluted down with water.

Q: When I mix your All Purpose Cleaner it gums up and becomes thick.

A: The mix is too strong. Try diluting it down further, use more water and make sure the water you use is HOT. Heat helps break down the paste.

Q: Can I use SunBrite for laundry?

A: Yes. SunBrite is excellent for pretreating stained laundry. SunBrite can also be used to do loads of wash. We are still working on dilution ratios for this application, however customers are free to use dilutions on laundry as they see fit.

Q: Can SunBrite be used on hot surfaces?

A: Yes, but we recommend using SunBrite on warm or cold surfaces. We don't want our customers to burn themselves.

Q: Can SunBrite be used on leather?

A: Yes, see our leather cleaning tips section.

Q: Can I use SunBrite around food?

A: Yes, SunBrite will not harm your food, or you. If you get an excessive amount of SunBrite on your food you may want to wash it or dispose of it for taste reasons.

Q: Can I use SunBrite around pets and children?

A: Yes. SunBrite is completely Non Toxic and will not affect pets or children in adverse ways. If a pet or human swallows SunBrite make sure they drink plenty of water to help it pass through their system.

Q: How long will it take to receive my order?

A: Orders are generally processed and shipped within 72 hours, except for holidays and weekends. Your order should be received within 4-6 days after it has been processed.

Q: Can SunBrite be used to clean jewelry?

A: Yes.

Q: Is SunBrite considered a disinfectant?

A: No. SunBrite is designed as a safe stain remover, and cleaner. A capful of bleach may be added to a Spray bottle of SunBrite to make it disinfect, but this takes away from it being non toxic.

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